Nourish Rest Restore

Recover from burn out, reduce anxiety, and sleep better, so you can be fully present and engaged in your current life


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 Nourish  Rest  Restore

Recover from burn out, reduce anxiety, and sleep better, so you can be fully present and engaged in your current life

Selah : Pause + listen 

Hey, I’m Leana 

I married my highschool crush and we’re now a family of 5. I have a great big love for big dogs, black coffee, and really good food.

I spend most of my time in the kitchen, hiking with my love, or with yoga practice.

I wish things were different. I wish donuts were filled with vital nutrients, kids weren’t annoying while you were cooking dinner and that Michael never left The Office.

But that’s not where we’re living.

I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association with a passion for helping people understand the power of nutrition and the impact it makes on the body and mind.

I understand what it’s like to be sick without answers, with symptoms that don’t make sense in a body that feels disconnected.

Let’s figure this out together. More living, less surviving.

This isn’t the way you thought life would be 

Does this seem familiar? 

Drastic mood swings

Low energy + chronic fatigue

Feeling spacey, unreal + disconnected

Innability to concentrate

Feeling depressed or anxious


Intense sugar cravings 

Difficulty sleeping

Racing thoughts

Frequent headaches

Stomach pain, bloating, or cramping

Heartburn or acid reflux

Digestive distress

Lightheaded + irritable if meals are delayed


“Leana made me feel seen, as an overstimulated, burning out mom. She knew immediately what tools and education to give me to keep my journey manageable and reachable, in the midst of my chaos. My days look exceedingly different now- in the best way, because of the resources she gave me. Would recommend Selah over and over (as I already have!).”







“Leana was so amazing to work with! She is very detail oriented and helps you get to the bottom of an obstacle you are facing. I loved trying all of her food suggestions when I was struggling to come up with something. I’m super grateful for all of the things she has taught me about how our bodies work, and plan to utilize them in the future!!”







“Leana is wonderful to work with and so knowledgeable in the world of health and nutrition. She gave me great tips on cooking healthy meals, water before coffee, and better sleep routines. I try not to snack at night anymore and she highlighted how a lifestyle of healthy eating and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand. I highly recommend Leana as a nutrition coach!”


Leana was so helpful. She cared for all of me: mind, body, and soul. She was not phased when I was emotional during our meetings or when I failed to meet all of my goals. Rather than berate me, she encouraged me to see what I had accomplished rather than what I had not. She helped me to see the progress that I was making. She helped me create tangible goals that were realistic for my lifestyle and led to evident healing within the first few weeks. Most importantly, she helped me learn to slow down and notice what my body was telling me. Because of Leana’s help, I have been able to cut sugar consumption even during times of extreme stress. I still have a ways to go to unlearn over two decades of bad habits, but I am confident that I am better equipped to manage the journey toward better health. I plan to continue using her services as checkpoints along my journey.


Working with Leana has been a wonderful experience she is a great health coach. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always available to answer my questions or concerns. She has helped me realize just how important proper digestion is for my overall health.
I started working with Leana in hopes to get help with my migraines, but not only have my migraines been less often and less intense, my sleep has improved, along with having better bowel movements and less stomach aches. My cravings for sugar have greatly diminished and I am taking much less pain medication. I have been making better choices in not only what I eat but how and when I eat.
My overall health has improved, I am managing stress better and I feel much better on a daily basis.
Thank you, Leana, for all your help and patience with me through this journey.




Eating well shouldn’t be a full time job

My Philosophy

I believe small steps matter. 

If you allow your body the space and time it can begin to heal.

Boundaries are essential for repairing your mental health.

Movement is a privilege and food is medicine.

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Digestive dysfunction is shockingly common. The goal of this guide is to educate you to better understand how your digestive system if supposed to work. This way, you can understand how to increase your absorption of all those meals you spend time making, or why your stomach is always feeling off and how to correct it.